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The Event will cover two full days of talks and interactive elements. Please find here the latest information about the programme:

Pre-Event: Monday, May 27th


On the evening before the first day, we will organize a welcome reception. Starting 17:30 at the conference location.


Day1: Tuesday, May 28th

08:45 00:25 Opening / Welcome Note Uwe Knodt, German Aerospace Center (DLR) and Agnes Mestreau, European Space Agency (ESA)
09:10 00:30 Session 1 KeyNote / Chair: Caroline Lange, German Aerospace Center (DLR)
  09:10 Joseph Duncan, OHB Title TBD
09:40 00:20 Coffee break  
10:00 02:00 Session 2 Strategy and Vision / Chair: Nils Fischer, European Space Agency (ESA)


Dr YOSHIKAZU HIRAYAMA, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Kamakura Works Multi-Disciplinary Initiatives in implementing MBSE for development of Satellite Systems
  10:20 Elena Alaña, GMV Definition of a Metrication Model for Model-Based Engineering
  10:40 Gérald Garcia, Thales Alenia Space France  Implementing digital continuity : all you need is technical debt management (and a good ontology)
  11:00 Harald Eisenmann, Airbus DS GmbH Re-thinking MBSE?
  11:20 Dr.-Ing. Marcel Verhoef, European Space Agency Towards a MBSE roadmap for the European space industry
  11:40 Discussion  
12:00 01:15 Lunch  
13:15 00:30 Session 3 KeyNote / Chair: Caroline Lange, German Aerospace Center (DLR)
  13:15 Christina Jetzschmann, Airbus Defense and Space Digital Mockups – Quo Vadis?
13:45 02:00 Session 4 Mission and System Case Studies / Chair: Alper Akarsu, OHB
  13:45 Marco Bozzano, Fondazione Bruno Kessler A Simple Motor Demo of Model-Based Design with TASTE: from Formal Models to a Physical Prototype
  14:05 Jasper Bussemaker, DLR System Architecture Optimization: An Example Application to Space Mission Planning
  14:25 Clément Goujon, Thales Alenia Space Applying Model-Based RAMS Analyses to a Lunar Lander System
  14:45 Jennifer Hoffmann, Technical University of Darmstadt FSR Development and Implementation of a Model Architecture for the Preliminary Design of a Ground Segment in CDP4-COMET
  15:05 Stephan van Beek, Marco Bimbi, MathWorks, Serena Brizio, Thales Alenia Space Enabling MBSE with Simulation to perform System Analysis for SOLARIS
  15:25 Discussion  
15:45 00:15 Coffee break  
16:00 00:55 Hackathon Presentation Hackathon Intro and Pitches / Chair: Clement Goujon, Thales Alenia Space
16:55 01:00 Session 5: Part 1 Project Adoption, Implementation and Return on Invest / Chair: Catherine Morlet, ESA
  16:55 Francois Pouzolz, Airbus Defence and Space GmbH Insights and Lessons Learned from Implementing MBSE in EGNOS V3
  17:15 Kyle Palmer, European Space Agency (ESA) Requirement setting, flow down, traceability and maintenance for ESA EO Phase 0/A using MBSE philosophy
  17:35 Dr.-Ing. Arsenio LEO, Thales Alenia Space - Italy, Milan Functional Modelling of a Solid State Mass Memory for Space Applications by Eclipse Capella™ Tool
17:55 00:10 Hackathon award ceremony Chair: Clement Goujon, Thales Alenia Space
18:30   Social Event: Tour at the Ratskeller and Dinner  


Day 2: Wednesday, May 29th

08:30 00:30 Opening / Welcome Master of Ceremonies
09:00 00:30 Session 6  Keynote / Chair: Marcel Verhoef, European Space Agency (ESA)
  09:00 Prof. Bernard Rumpe, RWTH Aachen The Next Big Thing in MBSE
09:30 01:00 Session 7 Poster Session
10:30 00:20 Coffee break  
10:50 01:00 Session 5 - Part 2 Project Adoption, Implementation and Return on Invest / Chair: Catherine Morlet, European Space Agency (ESA)
  10:50 Marcus Wallum, ESA Readying the Onboarding of ESA Missions to the Ground Segment Engineering Framework – an Open Source MBSE Framework for ESA Mission and Science Ground Segments
  11:10 Dr.-Ing. Stéphane Estable, Airbus Defence and Space GmbH  Advanced system model exploitation means to foster  MBSE adoption at Airbus
  11:30 Discussion  
11:50 00:40 Session 8 Panel Discussion: Bridging Legacy and Digital Frontiers: Elevating MBSE for Enduring Success in the Evolution of Space Systems Engineering / Chair: Caroline Lange, DLR
    Marcel Verhoef, European Space Agency (ESA) Flashback: MBSE 2023
    Panel Discussion  
12:30 01:00 Lunch  
13:30 02:00 Session 9 Technologies and Tools / Chair:  Philipp Fischer, German Aerospace Center (DLR)
  13:30 Dr Alexander Busch, Ansys Germany GmbH Connecting MBSE to Spacecraft Modeling & Simulation
  13:50 Antanas Kalkauskas, Sensmetry UAB SysIDE : SysML v2 textual editing & analysis system – overview and applications
  14:10 Dr Anh Toan Bui Long, Starion Group The ESA SysML solution evolution: introducing verification & interface management
  14:30 Dr.-Ing. Philipp Chrszon, German Aerospace Center (DLR) Executable Behavioral Models in Model-based Systems Engineering using Capella
  14:50 Alex Vorobiev, Starion Group Lessons Learned from Software Implementation of the Model Based Engineering Hub Based on the Space System Ontology
  15:10 Discussion  
15:30 00:20 Coffee break  
15:50 02:00 Session 10 Domain Engineering / Chair: Jasminka Matevska, HSB
  15:50 Tiago Jorge, GMV  Digitalization for GNC Preparation
  16:10 Paloma Maestro Redondo, Starion Group Implementation of an AI-Powered Digital Assistant to Support Space System Engineering Activities
  16:30 Arkadiusz Wojcik, PIT-RADWAR S.A. Model-based Systems and Software Co-Engineering framework for RISC-V architecture-based systems
  16:50 Hans Peter de Koning, DEKonsult Digitalization of the Thermal Engineering Processes
  17:10  Discussion  
17:30 00:20 Paper Awards, Summary of the Event, Farewell and Thank-you Caroline Lange, German Aerospace Center (DLR) and Marcel Verhoef, European Space Agency (ESA)
18:00   End of workshop  


Post-Event: Thursday, May 30th


On the day after the workshop, we will organize site visits at DLR and OHB starting 9:00 am.