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Poster Session

Poster Session is on May 29th from 9:30 to 10:30. In addition all posters will be up for the whole event and can be assessed during the breaks.

The following posters will be presented at the Workshop:

Poster Nr. Poster Title Presenter
P1 The Role of MBSE and CE in the New Space Economy Alessandro Mastropietro, Kongsberg NanoAvionics UAB
P2 Leveraging MBSE to support decision making in space program design Alexander Bühler, SnT University of Luxembourg 
P3 Lean Variation Management for Satellite Architectures:  A SysML Approach Beatriz Mas Sanz, Technical University of Munich 


P5 Towards a Cloud-native Tool for Model-based Systems Engineering of Spacecraft Dennis Eller, German Aerospace Center (DLR) 
P6 Strength and Beauty of Functional Design Dr Alper Akarsu, OHB System
P7 Enhancing Product Assurance Processes through MBSE Dr Anh Toan Bui Long, Starion Group
P8 Automated quality management for space digital threads Ákos Horváth, IncQuery
P9 Application of MBSE to Lunar In-Situ Resource Utilization Dr Luca BREGGION, Politecnico di Milano Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales -CNES European Space Agency (ESA)
P10 Automatic Generation of Frontend for the ECSS Telemetry and Telecommand Packet Utilization Standard Dr.-Ing. Michał Kurowski, N7 Space
P11 Continuous Integration of Satellite Mission Flight Planning and Propulsion System Topology Generation by means of Graph-Based Design Languages Felix Löser, IILS mbH
P12 MBSE, EDS and Simulation Integration through the Space System Ontology Hien Thong Pham, SPACEBEL
P13 Modeling Process Proposal for Eliciting Customer Needs in Model-Based Systems Engineering Hiroki Umeda, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
P14 AI4CE – Improvements on Generating Space Systems with AI Jan-Peter Ceglarek, Technical University Darmstadt
P15 Development of a Microsatellite mission using MBSE approach Krzysztof Natusiewicz, Creotech Instruments
P16 Reference System Model for a Space Mission and Digital Continuity between Design and Operations Kutluhan Demircan, Telespazio Germany GmbH
P17 Generic models to enhance MBSE value for projects and organizations Laborie Adrien, Airbus Defence and Space
P18 Capture of Human Spaceflight Mission using model-based approach Lucie Laborde, Airbus Defence and Space
P19 Sys2Gherkin, A Study on streamlining MBSE with BDD Nicolas Pelissier, Thales Alenia Space
P20 Supporting Model-Based Reviews in a Concurrent Environment for Non-Expert Modellers Paloma Maestro Redondo, Starion Group
P21 Towards an approach for Model-Based test specifications in the context of space engineering Pascal Inselmann, Technische Universität Hamburg Institut für Produktentwicklung und Konstruktionstechnik
P22 Model-Based Automation of Launch Sequences for Sounding Rockets Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jasminka Matevska, Hochschule Bremen
P23 Semantics in Digital Engineering Quirien Wijnands, ESA
P24 Using LLMs to Create, Modify, and Understand SysMLv2 Models for both Amateurs and Experts Sebastian Stüber, Software Engineering RWTH Aachen University, Germany
P25 The OHB MBSE Framework and its Building Blocks: Broadening Perspectives Beyond Tools, Methods and Language Stephan Jahnke, OHB System AG
P26 Combining MBSE & MBE for Complex Space Mission Design: An Innovative Approach based on the System Analysis of the International Planetary Sunshade (IPSS) for Climate Mitigation Tharshan Maheswaran, Institute of Space Systems University of Stuttgart